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Entrepreneur 8 Books to Help You Grow During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In times of crisis, it can be hard to see past our own noses. These books can lend new (and needed) perspective

Real Men Feel

Rob and Andy share some common experiences, including childhood sexual abuse, doubting the memories of such abuse, addiction, a long-term longing to die, and multiple suicide attempts

Living Your Life

Living Your Life inspires listeners to make informed choices to live longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives. Host Lianne discusses healthy living with respect to physicality, mentality, and spirituality for everyone.

This Epic Life

This Epic Life is a community of like-minded souls from across the globe focused on deepening meditation habits and reevaluating relationships with things like alcohol to catalyst positive change and inspire one another.

Revealing Healing

Its not everyday you hear the story of someone who was able to build a mulit-million dollar business all the while succumbing to a major drug addition. I have that very story for you and you will be inspired. 

University of Adversity

University of Adversity Learn how to shift your perspective on adversity by understanding that although adversity may feel like your worst enemy, it is actually your greatest ally.

The Addicted Mind

Through his podcast The Addicted Mind, Duane Osterlind wants people to find reliable information about addiction treatment and research.

Point of No Return

The Point of No Return draws rightful attention to the issue of drug use, addiction, and the opioid epidemic that has grown so vast over the years.

Positive Sobriety Podcast

Positive Sobriety Podcast Robert Imbeault, entrepreneur and author of the new memoir “Before I Leave You,” shares the story of his recovery from addiction and suicidal despair.

The Addictionary Podcast

Boston’s own father-daughter recovered team bring it to you straight, no chaser! Maegan and Bobby give an uncensored, open-minded, and unconventional take on all things addiction, recovery, and holistic health!

Write Your Best Book Podcast

Christina Kaye host’s conversations in her podcast about writing books created for authors by authors, which will discuss all topics related to writing, editing, publishing, and marketing books.

Kirkus Book Reviews!

Established in the 1930’s, Kirkus Reviews and an American magazine and is among New York City’s elite in the world critical book reviews. In a review of Before I Leave the header reads “An unflinching examination of addiction and an engaging account of healing.”


FORTUNE — When David Bakke was looking to move from restaurant management into finance, he immediately thought to contact a friend who worked at a mortgage-lending firm in Tampa.

The Globe & Mail

What causes us to love our siblings? Is it parents who tell their children to love each other? Or is it some unexplainable connection? What if you never knew a sibling existed and only met them for the first time after 46 years? What’s the protocol for love then?

Ottawa Business Journal

Ottawa’s Assent Compliance has made a habit of doing things a little differently than most software companies.

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