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Aiming Experience and Focus To Solving Big Problems.

Rob Imbeault is the Co-Founder of Heartee Foods that is building the largest mushroom-focused vertical farming network in the world and FarmAnywhere, a Canadian Farm-container manufacturing company. He is a mental health advocate and in addition to his career, Rob is the author of 2 books, the first of which is a critically acclaimed bestseller (Before I Leave You), and the second was evidently read by only his friends (I Can’t Believe How Well It’s Going).

Growing and LEARNING

Entrepreneur And Investor

Having founded or co-founded startups since 2003, including 10Count Consulting and the unicorn, Assent, I am now a co-founder of two vertical farm companies Heartee Foods and FarmAnywhere. As an investor, I focus on founders, product market fit, and performance in that order.


Although vertical farming has already made leaps and bounds, the industry is still in adolescence. It’s like the early days of the internet which is incredibly exciting. My vision is to build, distribute, and optimize containerized vertical farms.


Employing a “real-world MBA” to advance the solutions to real-world problems. My mission is to advance access to sustainably grown food.


To build the largest solar-powered vertical farm network in the world leveraging existing and building new technologies. And to be a part of advancing innovation in vertical farming, container farming, sustainably grown food, and food availability globally.


Before I Leave You

My first book, Before I Leave You, is critically-acclaimed and an Amazon Bestseller. To keep my ego in check, my second book, shown below, was neither of those things but my friends really liked it.  As for Before I Leave You, what started as a suicide note- originally meant as a goodbye letter I wrote turned into a book, an apology, therapy, and a healing tool to turn things around.

Before I Leave You is a redemption story, an introduction to repressed memory and childhood trauma, a harsh reality of the darker side of Las Vegas- and a reality check of how addicts manage to hide their struggle, their troubles, and their illness from colleagues, family, and friends.

“An unflinching examination of addiction and an engaging account of healing.” – Kirkus Reviews

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What Readers Are Saying

This book made me take a look at my shattered childhood and forgive people who were a part of it. The pages were addicting and reading it took no time at all. It keeps you wanting to hear more.

Jenn Thibault Great read!

Having been through 20 years of addiction and then finding happiness myself, I know the truth of what transpires on a journey such as this.

Glenn Truthful story of suffering and redemption

The struggles and honesty are compelling, a good read that emotionally draws a person into humanity.

Charlene M. How humanity struggles with life.
In The MEdia

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Its not everyday you hear the story of someone who was able to build a mulit-million dollar business all the while succumbing to a major drug addition. I have that very story for you and you will be inspired. 

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My Second Book

I Can't Believe How Well It's Going

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